Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning, or Housekeeping if you like, is one of our primary services and is available for the occasional booking or more regularly scheduled visits from our friendly staff. For information about cleaning your vacation home, please see the Vacation Homes section further down the page.

Boat Cleaning

Unbelievable! Destin Pro Cleaning offers home cleaning service for your home on the water. That's right, Destin Pro Cleaning offers Boat cleaning services for both consumer and commercial boats. Charter captains are encouraged to contact us to see how we can save you time and money.

Vacation Homes

Vacation Home cleaning requires a little extra beyond standard housekeeping, which is where our Vacation Home cleaning packages kick in, with additional linen changes and laundry delivery services. Give your guests first-class service, including housekeeping visits, and really make the impression you want.

Office & Retail

Destin Pro Cleaning Services provides cleaning services for offices and retail stores. A cleaning package with Destin Pro Cleaning can include as much or as little as your needs require, meshing with your staff and SOP for the most cost-effective solutions.

Restaurants & Kitchens

Restaurants and other commercial kitchens can benefit from our cleaning services to reduce costs with predictable pricing and no questions about how motivated your staff maybe when it is time to clean up and go home. We know turnover can be a challenging feature of the hospitality industry and we're here to help.

Windows & Elevators

Yep, everybody has them. Windows. Nothing says don't spend your money here like dirty windows. It is one of the first things consumers see about your business. Don't let that foot traffic keep walking by, with your sales materials ignored. Give us a call and bring them in off the street.

Construction Cleanup

Destin Pro Cleaning Services offers post-construction and remodeling cleanup services throughout Northwest Florida. Don't waste your money with expensive daily labor costs for your construction cleanup. Give Destin Pro Cleaning a call and get level-headed and predictable pricing.

Disaster Recovery

When you need help now, give Destin Pro Cleaning and get quick recovery solutions delivered to your location through our friendly and motivated staff. For businesses where profitability is determined by the seasons, it is essential not to let storm or water damage get in the way of a successful season, so save our contact info to your device and have our number ready for when that moment strikes.